Gift Box Ideas For Everyone

 Tis the season for gifting! Yes, I know what you are thinking, “it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet”. While that is true, it is never too early to get a head start on your holiday gifting, especially with the impact the pandemic has on the supply chain. Also many of us won’t be traveling this year for the holidays which makes gifting more difficult. Click and ship to your best friend is easy, but it also feels a little impersonal. To step it up a notch I like to build gift boxes that easily fit into a Priority Mail box. I am still able to select well thought out gifts and wrap them in a cute box to be opened by my loved ones, which means I still get to be extra with my wrapping skills. Then I put that pretty box in the Priority box and send it on it’s way. 


This one may be the easiest on your list since they are your BFF and all. You truly know them inside and out, you know what beauty products they use and you know their dislikes. Sheet masks are always a go-to for me, what girl doesn’t love a good mask? But this is the holidays and you are looking for that wow factor. The Julie Lindh Bio Magnetic Sheet Mask brings it. This amazing mask has magnets that create an anti-aging force field around your face. It is surely something your BFF is going to rave about. Continue the beauty theme and add in a palette, lipstick and night serum to leave her feeling beautiful from sun up to sun down. 

A Mom Box

As a child growing up I remember my mom always getting her favorite beauty products from my dad for Christmas. The words “anti-aging” were on everything and in my head I was like “wow… my dad is telling my mom she is getting old”. Fast forward to adulthood and here I am, a mom and while I will never accept that I am getting old, I also know it is never too early to start using anti-aging products. Now I want every product on the market and my best bet is that my mom does too. With all the revolutionary gadgets it is easy for your mom to experience her favorite skincare treatments, right in the comforts of her own home. Help her reduce the appearance of fine lines with the NuFACE Fix Line Smoothing Device. It is easy to use and will leave her skin feeling instantly hydrated and tightened. You also can never go wrong with anti-aging creams or serums, especially if they are splurge items you know she has been eyeing up. At the end of the day help her relax with lavender. Bath salts, soaks and oils are a great addition to her gift box.

A Box for Him

Beauty isn’t just for the ladies. Men love to pamper themselves and if they are like my husband, they love getting high quality products they normally wouldn’t find in an aisle of a drugstore. A few years ago I bought my husband a men’s skincare line and that was a game changer for him. The investment was made and there is no turning back, and there shouldn’t be. Their routine is equally as important as ours. Make him feel great with everything from shaving products to anti-aging skincare. Another big win for men are hair products that reverse thinning hair or promote hair growth. Evolis Professional Reverse Activator will help him turn back the hands of time and boost regrowth leaving him feeling more confident. 
Once I have found the perfect gifts for my box I like to find small filler items I know they will appreciate. For my bestfriend I lean towards fun coffee mugs and her favorite snacks. My mom likes cozy socks for the winter months so I always make sure to find her a few fuzzy pairs that also double as packing material. I can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate candy for my husband, I scatter it throughout his box and throw in some mini bottles of bourbon that he hasn’t tried and he’s thrilled. 

Stay Tuned For More Gift Ideas

As we kick off the holiday season we hope this blog has given you some gift ideas for your loved ones. Stay tuned for more gift ideas throughout the holiday season and for skincare tips, product reviews and features, follow us on Instagram.

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