Products to Steal From Your Man’s Medicine Cabinet

Men get a rep for being messy, rowdy and very simple when it comes to their personal hygiene regimen. For most of the brothers, fathers, husbands and significant others in our lives, a shave shower and quick styling of their hair usually cuts it for the day. But considering that they have coarse hair growing out of their faces at a rapid rate, testosterone levels that make them more prone to breakouts, and tougher skin cells in general we have to think…maybe these guys are on to something? If you don’t already, these are some products that you will love just as much as your man.

Chances are you have been using the same shaving product all over your body but not all shaving products are created equally. Our skin in our bikini area and under ams is more similar to the skin on your face than the rest of your body so using your typical shaving cream can leave you with bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Driftwood Caravan Wet Shave Cream is made with simple plant based ingredients and is loaded with rich antioxidants to help protect your skin from environmental stress. The thick smooth lather creates a barrier to help baby your skin while you shave which will make you smooth and bump free whether you’re going on vacation or just staying at home.

Hair and Scalp
Scalp blisters and dandruff is something we dread to talk about but your typical drug store products rarely get the job done and almost never offer long lasting results. Coal tar doesn’t sound like a very beauty friendly ingredient however when I kept getting scabs on my scalp from sunbathing and hair color I was willing to try anything. I started using my boyfriend’s Person Covey DHS Tar Gel Shampoo and his DCL Coal Tar Therapy Oil for a few weeks last summer and I haven’t had a scab or dandruff breakout since. Many hair stylists and dermatologists coin coal tar products as “the only thing that works” against dandruff and these products can even help with psoriasis symptoms. Unlike their competitors, these coal tar products have a more pleasant smell and will start delivering results after the first use.

Have you ever tried to pull off a sleek ponytail look but by the end of the day noticed that your hairspray and hair gel was no match against your cowlicks and stubborn baby hairs? That’s because the only match against those pesky hairs is pomade and Griff’s High and Tight pomade is my go to product for styling my hair. It is made with quinoa protein to offer an extra firm hold without the crunchy look that comes with hair gel and its water based so it washes out easily and doesn’t leave you with congested pores around your face.

Some of us may be embarrassed to talk about breakouts on our back and chest but guys seem to have a handle on their body acne products. Between being active and having higher levels of testosterone, men’s acne products don’t mess around. To blast away backne (back acne) and chestne (chest acne) forever start with how you shower. Instead of washing your body while you condition your hair (as most of us do), shampoo and condition your hair and after washing out your conditioner wash your body with Murad Acne Body Wash and leave it on your chest and back for 1-2 minutes while you wash your face and the rest of your body. Then once you get out of the shower pat your skin gently with a towel and spray on Glytone Acne Spray and let dry prior to getting dressed. Don’t let your outfit of the day be dictated by your skin clarity again!

Although I know plenty of guys who love getting their toes cleaned up and having their feet massaged at the nail salon just as much as I do I also know tons of them who prefer to opt out. But when I noticed that my gym loving, adventure seeking, beach going friend had smoother feet than I do I had to ask him what his secret was. When he told me that he swears by Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel I knew I had to give it a try. The formula is specifically designed to moisturize while exfoliating your feet to get rid of those hardened dead skin cells and cracks without a ton of effort. Just kick back, apply the booties and watch TV while the product sits and then simply rinse your feet. I was so excited to find that you only need to use the product a few times a year to keep your feet looking beautiful and baby soft.

Yes guys can learn a lot from women when it comes to personal hygiene. But there is no rule that says that we can’t learn a thing or two about our beauty regimen from the guys. Next time then man in your life says that he needs to get more of some of his products you may want to consider buying an extra because you will absolutely love to steal some of his go to’s!

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