Seriously tho… What is a serum?

Seriously tho...What is a SERUM?
The days of wash, moisturize and repeat skincare regimens are over. But what do we do with all these new-found products we have in our collection? In particular, serum. What exactly is a serum and what are the benefits of using it? 
Serums are light-weight beauty products with higher concentrations of active ingredients and anti-oxidants that protect against free radicals, promote collagen and have anti-aging super powers. Well what is a free radical? Basically, pollutants and other environmental conditions create free radicals (we can’t see them) that attack the atoms in the skin and change our skin’s DNA, which speeds up the aging process. Washing our skin daily just isn’t enough to prevent free radicals from attacking our skin. Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum is specifically designed to neutralize free radicals and protect and repair the skin. It is a great choice for those living in larger cities where the air quality can be sub-par.
Many serums also have hydration benefits, but don’t confuse them with moisturizers. If you are using a serum you should still use your daily moisturizer, but your serum should be applied after washing and before your moisturizer to make sure all the powerful ingredients can penetrate your skin and work effectively. They will also help you retain moisture from your other products which also combats aging and smooths your skin.
Skin discoloration or uneven skin tone are other common problems caused by free radicals that can be prevented and repaired with serums. There are serums on the market with antioxidant benefits that lighten your skin. If your skin is prone to these ailments, finding a super serum like Professional Solutions Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Serum will help combat oxidative stress and even out your skin tone.
Are serums safe for all skin types? Yes, and no. There are countless serums on the market and each has its own benefits. When using a serum make sure you are aware of what that specific serum is designed for and if it will be compatible with your skin type. Because serums are so potent it is recommended that those with sensitive skin, rosacea and eczema consult with their dermatologist prior to using a serum as they can cause irritation.
Using serums is not a requirement in your beauty regimen, but using them will give you a better canvas for all your other beauty products, including your daily makeup. For more skincare tips, product reviews and features, follow us on Instagram.

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