The Skincare Routine for the New Normal

The Skincare Routine for the New Normal

With mask-wearing now being part of our new normal, you may have noticed them taking a toll on your skin. Everything from chaffing and irritation, to what I like to call “maskne” have added to our daily struggles. If you are experiencing these issues it may be time to adjust your skincare (and maskcare) routine. 

Moisturizing your face should be a twice a day occurrence. Dry skin with with a mask rubbing on it all day can lead to chaffing and irritation. To combat this, moisturize your skin morning and night after washing your face. To avoid breakouts be sure you are choosing a moisturizer based on your skin type. A good ingredient to look for in a moisturizer is Dimethicone, an ingredient that helps create a barrier on your skin to prevent irritation. Topix Aloe Cort Cream is a great choice for prevention as well as treatment and relief for irritation. Also, always apply lip balm prior to putting on your mask to keep your lips moisturized and prevent chapping. 

There are hundreds of masks on the market aiming to “look cute”, but they may actually be harming your skin. I know I have bought plenty of fashion statement masks that I haven’t been able to wear due to irritation. Make sure the mask you are wearing is soft on the inside and doesn’t have any threads or seams that can rub on your skin. If you are choosing a fabric mask try to avoid synthetic fabrics as they known to cause more irritation to the skin. Opt for masks made of natural fibers like cotton or silk. 
When you find the right mask, make sure you buy more than one. It is recommended that you wash your mask daily, not just to avoid spreading germs but also because a dirty mask will affect your skin. Would you put on yesterday’s underwear? I didn’t think so. That mask has spent a day on your face, the conditions under it have been rather, well let’s just avoid that descriptive “m” word nobody likes to hear. It is very important that you wash your mask after daily use, so unless you want to do laundry every night, grab a few that you can rotate in-between washes. Choose a detergent for sensitive skin and remember to air dry to avoid distortion.

Avoid Makeup
This is one I have a hard time with, but have learned to manage. Whenever I leave the house these days I am usually going out to dinner or somewhere nice. I like to get dolled up when we go somewhere, it makes life seem more “normal”. The makeup ends up all over my mask and I don’t enjoy how my skin feels when I remove it at the table. I have joked with my husband that I am going to start contouring around my mask, perhaps it will be the next YouTube trend. But in reality the best way to deal with the makeup situation is to avoid it. Adding a layer of makeup under your mask can clog your pores which will lead to breakouts, not to mention most of it will just end up on your mask. If you must wear makeup opt for non-comedogenic or oil-free products, or choose a tinted moisturizer to make you feel like you have a little something on and aren’t going out bare-faced. 
With all this said, now is the time to up your eye game. You are spending less time concealing, contouring and applying foundation. Give your eyes some love! Grab a gorgeous palette like Carter Beauty 18 Shade Eye Palette in Warm Velvet and start practicing some new fall looks. 

Your mask is protecting you all day, but while it is doing it’s job it is also trapping everything inside and on your skin. It is important that after wearing a mask you cleanse your skin morning and night. You will want to remove the impurities that can irritate your skin and start your morning with a fresh canvas. Because the skin in this area is now more prone to breakouts and irritation, you will want to use a mild cleanser like Glyderm Gentle Face Cleanser that doesn’t strip essential moisture or cause irritation. 

Follow this easy routine and you should see the skin behind your mask becoming less irritated and looking great for the moments you can remove it. For more skincare tips, product reviews and features, follow us on Instagram.

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