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Skincare for all versions of you |

Life at home has become a bit crazy with all of us following safer at home guidelines. Our everyday routine has been thrown out the window and chaos has entered in its place. Most of us are wearing more hats than our closet can hold and personally, I don’t even like hats. We are building new routines and learning our new roles, but those roles effect our skin and mental well-being. Thankfully there are skincare solutions for each of them.


The Teacher

I think it is safe to say this is everyone’s least favorite new role. The apps aren’t working, the kids miss their classmates and teachers. Distance learning complaints are trending. The teachers and parents are equally frustrated and everyone’s patience is stretched thin. The general consensus, now more than ever, is teachers need to be paid more. They are true superheroes. I have no idea how they get through their day managing all those eager-to-learn kids, and don’t get me started on the new way to do math.  Do teachers throw Laki Bath Soak in the tub at night and ponder how to do 3rd grade math? Because that is what I do and I am very grateful for the natural ingredients that promote sleep, otherwise I would be up all night still thinking about those math problems.


The Work from Home Professional

Some of us have already mastered this and we’re watching our spouse try and navigate working from home. While it sounds like an “easy” job, it takes a lot of focus and ability to stay on task. There are so many distractions throughout the day, from the kids needing help with school to that new Netflix show you started last night that you really want to continue watching. The days seem to have never-ending hours and it is easy to procrastinate and do things in the evening. The alarms are set later and later each week because the morning commute from bed to home office takes about 2 minutes. Caring for yourself is taking a back burner, because let’s be real, most days you aren’t even getting dressed. Now I am not going to promote getting out of your pjs because I also choose comfort, but I am going to stress maintaining a daily skincare routine. Wash your face every morning with a cleanser like Keyano Lemon Milk Facial Cleanser and don’t forget to moisturize. While you may not be seen in public, your skin will thank you.


The Takeout/Delivery Queen

This is my favorite new role. I live in a developing area where my food delivery options have been limited and all the fun apps my friends would speak about weren’t even an option for me. In comes coronavirus with this little silver lining. I spend my days working, cleaning and teaching the kids. While my fridge *is* stocked and I have plenty of healthy options, ordering food delivery is just easier. I’ve tried to limit the number of times we do this in a week, but part of me is worried all this wonderfulness is going to disappear after restrictions are lifted. Plus, Chinese food sounds more appealing than salad and grilled chicken. While it sounds delicious, it definitely isn’t packed with good nutrients. If I am going to maintain this YOLO attitude, I need to take a good dietary supplement. Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement is packed full of the nutrients missing from my takeout order. The powerful ingredients boost my immune system and help keep breakouts at bay, this combined with a promise to make better food choices will keep my skin looking healthy and beautiful.


The Social Butterfly

I live for getting my friends together, whether it be a night on the town or for brunch. My sanity depends on it because I get so much joy from other’s happiness. Social distancing and shelter-in-place restrictions put an end to all my spring plans with friends and have required us to get creative in order to socialize. We now have weekly happy hour and a virtual trivia night on Saturday. One of my favorite parts of going out with friends is getting all dressed up and trying new makeup looks. This is something I continue to maintain as standard protocol for hanging with friends, even virtually. Every Saturday my evening routine consists of a bath, face mask and putting on makeup. I love to keep up with these rituals, even if they are toned back a bit.  I’ll put on some bb cream, mascara and a little Lipstains Gold in this gorgeous Rose color and I log on to socialize with my friends feeling great! It’s nice to have that little sense of normalcy to get us through. 

No matter how many new roles you have had added to your day, please remember to care for yourself. Take a moment to just breathe and ground yourself. Reach out to friends and have a conversation that makes you laugh until your face hurts. Take a long walk and soak up the sunshine. Treat yourself to some skincare products that leave you looking and feeling beautiful. Love yourself. 

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