Spooktacular Halloween Looks You Can Do At Home

Spooktacular Halloween Looks You Can Do At Home. Woman wearing blue wig and witches hat.
October, my favorite month of the year is here! I long for it all year, despite now living in a warm climate where the temperatures don’t necessarily drop enough to pull out a sweater. I’m basic, I love everything pumpkin, the changing fall colors and best of all, Halloween! Halloween makeup has come so far thanks to the talented makeup artists on YouTube giving us tutorials on how to create really amazing looks without using the goopy makeup from the Halloween store. We have three great Halloween looks for you, and just about everything you need to create them at at home. 

The Smoldering Witch

Every girl has a little black dress tucked away in her closet. It is the must have wardrobe piece that can be used for a multitude of events, especially for Halloween. Pair it with an inexpensive witches hat and you have a Halloween costume in a pinch! For this look go for a smokey eye and winged liner. Don’t be intimidated, YouTube is your friend and both are easy to learn if you are a beginner. There are also really awesome stencils to make it even easier to achieve that look. Don’t forget the lip, every witch needs a deep red hue to complete the look. 
Smoldering Witch
Create The Look

The Glitzy Goddess

Nothing screams goddess quite as much as metallics, and heavy on the gold. To create this look you will need three different shades of  metallic eyeshadow. You will want to find a creamy eyeshadow that is easy to apply and can be fine-tuned with a makeup brush. The key to this is to start light and gradually add layers until you have this bold eye look, don’t try and apply it all in one swipe. For your lips define the edge with a lighter brown or bronze lip liner and fill with a gold shade. To bring this whole look to the next level add some gold face glitter to your pout and along your collar bone with binding gel so it stays put. 
Glitzy Goddess
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Sugar Skull Glam

We have all seen the gorgeous sugar skull makeup looks and wondered “how long did that take?”, or “I don’t have a steady enough hand”. Thankfully with the use of face jewels, this look is not only simplified, but glammed up. First you will want to contour your cheekbones and frame your face. You will want to go much darker than you would for your every day look to create shadows. For the mouth and nose use white and black face and body paint. You can find this in most makeup aisles so you don’t need to use traditional Halloween makeup. Complete the sugar skull with face jewels, these are easy to apply and create the same look of a sugar skull but they sparkle so they are a little more glamorous. Also play up your eyes with some false lashes for a little more pop. Finally, for a more intense effect, take the contouring to your collar bone and add some body glitter. 
Sugar Skull Glam
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At The End of the Night

These looks may look complex, but they are actually quite simple. At the end of the day worst part is the removal process, not because it is difficult, but because your amazing look that you created has to be washed away. Remember to cleanse your skin completely and apply a moisturizer, even more so if you are not used to wearing makeup all day. For easier cleansing try a makeup remover cloth like FaceOff, it’s gentle and you can remove all your makeup just by using water. 
We hope you have a spooktacular Halloween! For more skincare tips, product reviews and features, follow us on Instagram.

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