Winter Skincare Tips to Swear By

If you notice a change in your skin between Summer and Winter but weren’t exactly sure what to do about it then you have come to the right place! We are here to help you through the dreaded dry-skin and moisture-less Winter season. The way we take care of our skin in the Summer is much different than how we need to care for our skin in the Winter. The dry, cool air really can take a toll on our face, hands, feet, legs and even our scalp. Cracking, scaling, and redness are just a few symptoms your skin will begin to exhibit as the weather changes. Without proper treatment and prevention, these symptoms may get worse before they get better. If you know ahead of time how your skin tends to change as they temperatures drop, it is best to have your Winter skincare routine ready to go. And if you don’t have a Winter routine yet, keep reading for some great tips you can use each Winter.

  1. Rejuvenate the Scalp

It’s mid-winter and you look down at your new black sweater to embarrassingly see it is covered in white flakes. Don’t panic, and don’t be embarrassed… dandruff is a common marker that the sensitive skin on your head is drying out. While the scalp is protected by our hair it should not be overlooked when creating a Winter skincare routine. Your scalp needs just as much love, if not more, than the rest of your body come wintertime. You may start experiencing itching or extreme dryness or yes, dandruff on the scalp which then makes its way right onto your new black sweater for everyone to see. In mild cases the dandruff will go away on its own, but in many cases you will want a shampoo dedicated to rejuvenating and hydrating the scalp. For this, we recommend the Glycolix 10% Shampoo to do the trick. This shampoo will gently exfoliate, moisturize, and remove oils and buildup such as dandruff from the scalp. And while we’re treating the scalp, let’s not forget to give our hair the Winter treatment.

  1. Cold-Weather Hair Care

Shiny, bright and clean locks are what we all hope our hair is going to look like year-round when we are done styling it each day. But when the harsh reality of Winter sets in our hair goals can suddenly really feel out of reach. Luckily healthy Winter hair can be achieved if we know the key areas to focus on. Once the temperature drops and the air becomes dry, our hair can feel heavy, look dull and be full of split ends. Many people think dull and dry hair is a result of using hot hair tools like blow dryers and straighteners, but the dry air of Winter has a major role in our plight as well. In order to combat the dry air, we’ll want to use daily products that restore not only moisture but also essential vitamins and minerals back into our hair. A product like the DCL Strengthening Conditioner is a great conditioner to use in the Winter to keep your hair healthy, with its vitamin B-5 and shea and jojoba oils long term moisturization and conditioning benefits. For an added bonus, try using a post-shower leave-in spray to provide some extra nourishment to your hair throughout the day. For this we recommend the Thermal Repairing Leave-in Spray by Nano DryFix. Now that we’ve treated the scalp and hair, let’s move on to the body.

  1. Rehydrate the Body

H2O is the way to go! They say milk does a body good, but water does a body great! The nutritionists tell us to stay hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water per day, we want you to rehydrate your skin from the outside-in too. Once winter arrives, you may notice some dry irritation to your hands, feet, and legs more often. Some skin becomes so dry you may want to scratch it right off! Before it gets to that point you will want to find a body lotion formulated specifically for rehydrating dry skin. A product like DCL’s C Scape High Potency Body Lotion includes special Silanol technology to stimulate collagen synthesis as well as improve elasticity of the skin. Make sure whatever product you decide to use has vitamins B5 and E to continue hydrating the skin throughout the day. Now that our scalp, hair, and body are settled, it is time to take care of the part of us most vulnerable to the Winter elements: the face.

  1. The One-Two Punch of Winter Facial Care 

Our face is both the most exposed and most sensitive part of our bodies. For many of us, the first hour of our day alone puts our faces through a gauntlet of environmental tests through water, circulated air of a car or train, brutal Winter cold and wind, ending with the harsh dry heat of our homes and offices. Thus we need not one step but two to properly prepare this sensitive part of us for the rigors of the Winter days.

First: Bring Back the Moisture with a Good Cleanser

A rough and dry face is usually the first sign Winter is on its way and that it’s time to switch to a Winter skincare routine. As the air gets drier and crisper our face tends to feel much the same. To combat these symptoms we should begin the day with a cleanser designed specifically to face the Winter. The right cleanser adds moisture rather than stripping it away. Products like the GlyDerm Gentle Face Cleanser are gentle on the skin, don’t remove facial moisture, and will not cause irritation. The key to proper Winter facial cleansing is to clean without drying out, so just make sure your cleanser of choice is soap-free and low in glycolic acid. Products like these also tend to work on even the most sensitive skin types.

Second: Bring on the Moisture

While most hate the shortened version of this “m” word, it is an absolute necessity in saving your skin. Yes, moist-URE is the word we are talking about. Adding back the moisture our face (and body) loses as the temps drop is a process of adding hydration both internally and externally. During the Winter months it’s easy to unconsciously reduce our water intake since we may not be as hot and sweaty, but this is the worst thing for our skin! Instead we should add internal hydration through water consumption, perhaps cutting back on dehydrating foods and beverages, and adding hydrating foods like cucumber and watermelon. Sadly however, internal hydration only goes so far so we must also rehydrate the skin externally using quality moisturizers. The GlyDerm Hydrotone for instance is a lightweight moisturizer that helps the skin stay supple and elastic throughout the day without leaving us feeling oily and greasy. For an added bonus, use a moisturizer additive like the Crystal Clear Pollution Defense which acts like a shield for the face as it endures the multiple harsh environments Winter confronts us with.

With a solid cleanser-moisturizer combo your face will feel like a July morning throughout a February day.

Having a yearly winter routine will make sure dry, irritated skin never sneaks up on you again. At askderm, we believe the keys to healthy, great-looking skin are preparation, prevention, and treatment. Hopefully these tips have you feeling confident in your regimen through these last couple months of Winter.

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